SKN acknowledge that to become industry leaders in this field it is essential that we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and products, whilst ensuring the health and safety of our people and those we work with, as well as minimising any environmental impact caused through our operations.

Safety & assurance is a key priority as ultimately lives depend on it. We are committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and those we work with so everyone returns home safely. We provide our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely and prevent accidents, focusing on assuring the safety of everything we design, construct, inspect and maintain.

We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and preventing environmental pollution; we work with our clients to provide the best appropriate environmental solutions.

“In order to consistently meet our commitments, SKN continues to heavily invest in maintaining a framework of documented processes to manage quality, health, safety and environmental protection.  We pride ourselves on our ISO, IRATA and FPAL accreditations and believe that HSSEQ should be driven from the top down.”