Shah Deniz Stage 2, or Full Field Development (FFD) is a giant project that will add a further 16 billion cubic meters per year (bcma) of gas production to the approximately 9 bcma produced by Shah Deniz Stage 1.  Around $28 billion in capital investment will be required to produce the gas and transport it to the Georgia-Turkey border. From there, additional pipeline systems will deliver 6 bcma of gas to Turkey and a further 10 bcma of gas to markets in Europe, in a route known as the Southern Gas Corridor. Shah Deniz gas will travel 3,500 kilometres, to elevations of over 2,500 metres, and over 800 metres below the sea.  Shah Deniz Stage 2, one of the largest gas developments in the world, will help increase European energy security by bringing Caspian gas resources to markets in Europe for the very first time.

img_6855The current concept for Shah Deniz Stage 2 includes:

  • two new bridge-linked offshore platforms.
  • 26 gas production wells which will be drilled with 2 semi-submersible rigs.
  • 500 km of subsea pipelines will link the wells with the onshore terminal.
  • upgrade of the offshore construction vessels
  • expansion of the Sangachal terminal to accommodate the new gas processing and compression facilities.

SKN signed a contract in 2016 with Tekfen / Azfen JV to undertake the installation and termination of electrical and instrumentation cables relating to Power and Instrumentation Systems within the Sangachal / Shah Deniz 2 Onshore Terminal Facilities Construction Project (AZF-087).  To date SKN have been responsible for the installation of over 500,000 metres of cable across various areas of the site.  This is the first project of it’s kind SKN have undertaken onshore and continues to show our commitment to the region with investment in plant and equipment to support the scope, as well as further developing our nationalisation-programme, with over 170 Azeri Technicians being trained up to industry standards in order to carry out the work.